This Way of Life

Shortlisted for the 2011 Academy Awards This Way of Life is a lush and evocative portrait of an inspiring and maverick Maori family living on the edge of the world. Peter and Colleen Ottley-Karena live with their six kids and 50 horses in the almost wild freedom of New Zealand's isolated mountains. Until Peter’s escalating battle with his own father has profound consequences.

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One Man, One Cow, One Planet

One Man, One Cow, One Planet follows Peter Proctor, New Zealand’s father of biodynamics along the back roads of rural India, revealing the miracle of organics and the farmers who are reclaiming their agricultural heritage.

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Perfect Compost

Perfect Compost is a master class with Peter Proctor. A 25 minute instructional DVD featuring Peter Proctor as he walks us through the process of building a better biodynamic compost heap.

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Some Kind of Love

Do our early choices always come home to roost? A film about the great divide between art and science told through an aging artist, her brother the scientist and their dilapidated mansion. Some Kind of Love is a film about memory, gender, art, science, Diaspora and the uncomfortable role of the filmmaker as voyeur, confidant and family member.

 Some Kind of Love has just completed post-production. Please follow us on Facebok as this film begins its journey into the world.

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This Way of Life - the book

This Way of Life, the book, follows up the multi award-winning 2010 documentary of the same name. We catch up with the Ottley-Karena family from the perspective of each of the children. Faced with a range of new challenges, they approach life with their characteristic dignity and strength. The children hunt and fish, break in a horse and explore the wilderness. But is their unique lifestyle sustainable in the long term? 

Featuring over 200 new photos. Written especially for family reading.

Published by Harper Collins 

The This Way of Life book is NZ $35 + Shipping

Biodynamics for the Home Garden


Written by Peter Proctor "Biodynamics for the Home Garden" is a 42 page detailed guide for using biodynamics at home. Each chapter features a point by point summary and photos from Peter's private collection. An essential tool for the home gardener. 

The Biodynamics for the Home Garden is available in ebook only for NZ $9.95

A Night of Tragedy and Despair (working title)

In Development

Montreal born artist Stephen Lack is a legendary poly-sexual sybarite of the 70’s East Village and Montreal Maine scene. He is everything you imagine a real artist to be. And then some. A nonstop talker, he brims with philosophical insight. He rants. He raves. He paints. He luxuriates in sultry colors. As he chronicles our age he plays with themes of seduction, anxiety and fear. His leitmotif is the automobile, the vicious Doberman. The suburbs are his locus. Stephen’s life is so full of crazy you wonder if it could all be true.